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Intellectual Property

Patents - Trademarks - Copyrights

Dr. Carver has drafted and filed dozens of patent applications in a variety of areas. He has obtained patents for multiple varieties of plants, mechanical inventions, chemical inventions, and other miscellaneous areas.

Dr. Carver has advised individuals, corporations, universities and governmental bodies on a variety of business matters related to patents, trademarks and copyrights. He has provided legal counseling for the protection of intellectual property, as well as presented seminars to both students and professional scientists in the area of intellectual property. He assists with licensing and developing commercial applications for technology. His technical and legal experience positions him to provide clients with comprehensive business, regulatory and litigation services. Dr. Carver has provided counsel on patent infringement cases, and he has drafted Cease and Desist letters in conjunction to the infringing parties. He is currently involved in infringement litigation.

As a licensed patent attorney, Dr. Carver is well-qualified to help protect valuable intellectual property. As most are aware, a person's or company's intellectual property is valuable. However sometimes companies, large or small, fail to appreciate how valuable intellectual property may be. Intellectual property may include inventions, names, and/or publications. If you have not protected your intellectual property, you possibly may lose a valuable asset. The Carver Law Firm offers a full range of intellectual property services, including preparation and filing of patents, trademarks, and copyrights. The approach that we take at The Carver Law Firm is to meet with you to discuss both long-range and short-term issues, with an initial focus on educating our clients on the important trends in asset protection, as well as advising on the best methods for assuring that your intellectual property is safe and secure. Sometimes the best protection is to simply protect your ideas and inventions as "Trade Secrets". But if you have an idea that is valuable to your company, or you perceive that you might be able to sell your invention, The Carver Law Firm can help you file a patent. If you want your business name protected, The Carver Law Firm can file a trademark on that name. If you have created a video or written a manual or a book, The Carver Law Firm can assist in filing for copyright protection. The Carver Law Firm is available to advice on strategy, to file applications, and to protect your IP rights, if necessary.

Once you have protected your ideas, it may be advantageous to license your invention or trademark or copyrighted material to others. The Carver Law Firm also has experience in licensing and enforcing such matters. Thus, the Carver Law Firm provides a complete package of legal services to assist you in analyzing your intellectual assets, protecting these assets, and making your protected intellectual property available to the others.

If you find that you have a patent, a trademark or a copyright that someone is using without your permission, you may be able to file an infringement suit against the offender. Patent litigation can be quite complex, so we have established an association with a patent litigation firm in Washington D.C. to assist us in such litigation if necessary. We welcome the opportunity to advise and assist you if you think your patent, trademark or copyright has been infringed. Likewise, if you are sued, wherein someone claims that you are infringing, we are happy to assist in defending against such claims.

Environmental Law

The environmental law practice is rapidly changing as legal requirements for the protection of state and local natural resources change. The Carver Law Firm will work tirelessly with you on environmental issues, whether regulatory or litigation.

Our practice includes air, water, solid waste, sewerage treatment, hazardous waste, USTs, wetlands and coastal restoration matters. From negotiating contracts to attaining regulatory compliance to prosecuting and defending major toxic tort lawsuits, we bring a common sense solution to both technical and legal problems in these areas.

The Carver Law Firm offers a full range of environmental legal services to individuals, businesses, industries, and government. Dr. Carver has over a quarter of a century of experience practicing in this area of law. Further, because of his extensive background as a practicing chemist, he adds a depth of technical knowledge not often found among lawyers. He integrates his scientific knowledge and experience with his understanding of the regulatory and legal aspects of environmental law to reach creative and effective resolutions.

Dr. Carver has represented government, industry and individuals on environmental matters, both as plaintiffs and defendants. He focuses on understanding the needs of clients and advises them on compliance for both existing and new regulations and laws. His experience in handling matters from different perspectives positions him to effectively represent clients on both regulatory and litigation actions. Further, when there is a complex science issue involved in a legal matter, Dr. Carver will decipher the complexities and work to resolve the matter, by litigation or otherwise, in a logical and sound manner.

Other Practice Areas

In addition, Dr. Carver has extensive experience in a variety of other areas of law. For example, he has litigated or mediated matters involving general business matters, commercial law, construction law, contract law, energy law, insurance law, mass torts, class actions, personal injury, premises liability, products liability, boundary disputes, workers compensation, and wrongful death.
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